TeuxDeux a simple, designy to-do app

TeuxDeux: Stats! Stats! Stats!

So you’ve been using TeuxDeux for a little while, but now you might be wondering: “How many todos have I done? What hour, day, and month have I been most productive?”

Well, we’ve got just the feature for you!

Users now have a Stats page- a satisfying all-up view of your key TeuxDeux numbers to strategize the heck out of your week, year, and month. You can see how many teuxdeuxs you have, take note of your best hour, month and day; and see how many teuxdeuxs you had queued up over the week and year in a nice graph.

We love data, and we know many of you do too. Don’t forget TeuxDeux also offers the option of doing a full-data backup. That feature can be accessed through your settings.

iPhone App Improvements Coming Teux!

Very soon you’ll be able to add, edit, and delete lists on your iPhone and see the markdown styles. This was an important feature request for our users and we’re also keen to making the iPhone and web app effective as stand-alone experiences and seamless in tandem. Look out for these updates in the next week!

A big shout-out to all the users who emailed us and let us know what they would like to see in TeuxDeux. We definitely appreciate your feedback as we try to create a better experience for you while keeping TeuxDeux as streamlined and easy to use as piece of paper.

TeuxDeux: now with Colors!

Hey there, folks!

Team TeuxDeux has been hard at work making the app you love even more awesome. We now have some exciting and new features that we are thrilled to finally share with you, starting with custom colors.

Donald from Arkansas wrote in to say: “Having my TeuxDeux in my favorite color would make my day”. Well Donald, we’d like you to know we have a neux teuxdeux to cross of our list: MAKE DAY.

That’s right: you can now choose from each color of the proper ROYGBIV rainbow and then some. Personalize TeuxDeux in your favorite color, use orange and blue to distinguish between your different TeuxDeux accounts, or feel more at ease that previously red TeuxDeux comes in a serene and calm blue.

Give it a try, and let us know what you think! The cat awaits your colorful decision.

And please stay tuned— we’ve got a few more excellent features that we’ll be rolling out soon.